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Fire Doors

  • 30 minute fire resistance
  • Secured by design-accredited
  • Dual certification = fire & security
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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We develop unique solutions with safety in mind. Find out more about our internal and external doorset solutions here.

FD30 Fire Doors: Exploring Their Importance and Features

In the realm of fire safety, FD30 fire doors play a critical role in protecting lives and property. These doors are designed to withstand fire for up to 30 minutes, offering crucial time for evacuation and containment. Understanding the significance and features of FD30 fire doors is essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of any building.

FD30 fire doors are specifically engineered to resist fire and smoke, effectively compartmentalising areas to prevent the rapid spread of flames. Their construction involves fire-resistant materials and seals that activate under heat, helping to maintain their integrity during a fire incident.


Fire Door Options

Just like with standard doors, FD30 fire doors offer a range of finishes and options to suit different aesthetic preferences and design requirements. We provide a variety of choices that allow you to customise your FD30 fire door to blend seamlessly with your building's interior and exterior.




Poppy Red



Duck Egg

Chartwell Green


Black Brown


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View more benefits, styles, colours and much more.


French Door Benefits

30 Minute Rated

Residential apartment entrance 30 minute fire and smoke leakage doorset - internal and external applications.

Knockers and Numerals

Your beautiful home should include all the period features and decorative touches that make it special.

Side Panels

Fire door side panels are now available to go with our range of side panels

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