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Kubu Hardware

  • Realtime Status Check
  • Notifications
  • Amazon Alexa Integrated
  • Set Schedules

Be sure it's secure

With Kubu, you’ll never have to worry if your doors are unlocked again.

How Kubu Works

Real-time Notifications
Once installed the Kubu app will allow you to receive real time notifications with every turn of the key. As long as you have a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection you will get status updates.

Schedule Notifications
You can schedule notifications at any day or time to let you know whether your door is locked or unlocked. You can check back through your doors history with a rolling 7 day log whenever someone has locked or unlocked your door.

Share Doors with family and friends
The Kubu app also allows you to share doors with your friends and family.

Geofence Smart Alert
And most importantly, Kubu provides you with a Geofence Smart Alert meaning you should never get too far away from your home leaving your doors unlocked.

The Kubu App

Door Status

With the Kubu App you’ll be able to check the status of your door no matter where you are, at any time of the day, right from your phone.

Geofence Smart Alert

As you walk away from your home and your phone disconnects from the WiFi, Kubu will send you a notification if your doors are unlocked.

Key Turn Notifications

Kubu allows you to track activity and receive real-time notifications whenever someone enters and exits your home.

Schedule Notifications

The Kubu app allows you to set schedules for any time you want. Simply pick a day and time when you’d like to be reminded of the status of your door.

Door History

Kubu allows you to check back through all of your door history. The app gives you a one month log of whenever someone has locked or unlocked your door.

Share Your Doors

The Kubu app allows you to share doors with your friends and family, so everyone can benefit from knowing if their doors are secure.

Kubu Smart Lock

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